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Hello there! This is Mishy
And I'm an idiot (◐‿◐ )
My English is shit,
I apologize in advance.

My current fandoms are Digimon, Dangan Ronpa and Shingeki no Kyojin Nice to meet you!

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long time no see u, young parents 
woah! somebody just posted my artwork!!
I’m flattered ;A;  
yeah. Shaman Files 345 & 346. And this is @huntedwitch’s fault.(pensé en ti todo el rato xD. Lo siento!) 
The end. 

SHAMAN FILES #345 & #346

Asakura Yoh: “After finishing the school, he went to a war and to some conflictive places to promote the “LOVE & PEACE”.

He wasn’t very known but the president of the strong kingdom knew him for being the principal LAND NEGOCIATOR.

He has a strong promise with Hao to protect people of the future, so they have to be quiet and keep it as a secret
It seems it is going to be a very long Honey Moon with Anna

He uses his shaman-powers to ally with the people who died in war.

He tries to speak with people who make the war and try to get some terms.
But he is usually targeted to have some benefits from the war.
However, he uses the powers learn from Hao to gather all the help from all the countries so he won’t be in danger.

For living with Anna and Hana in a peaceful place, he has to fight and work hard”

Asakura Anna: "She works with her husband Yoh, she got Faust and Elisa’s help for both, battlefield and medical treatment, she treats people and she can make weapon to be useless.

When she makes negotiations along with Yoh with her strong shaman-powers
She promoted to the leader that they can trust the funbari onsen owners and being contrated to be a shogun.  

About Hana, she thinks it was the right decision to leave him with Ryu and Tamao, she cares too much about her child because she knows both, yoh and her were raised without their parents and both were lonely.
Luckily, her shamanic powers let her feel Hana’s grow.
She knows they all will understand. 

Working hard, she will be the shogun to stop the war, and her goal is, for the love she feels for Hana and Yoh, and the care for all their buddies, to return and make the funbari onsen the best hotel in the whole world.

Wedding date March 20th” 




AMO cuando tiene esas caraaaaaaaaas
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