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Hello there! This is Mishy
And I'm an idiot (◐‿◐ )
My English is shit,
I apologize in advance.

My current fandoms are Digimon, Dangan Ronpa and Shingeki no Kyojin Nice to meet you!

Contact me?
Also, this is my Ship List :)

My precious girl ;-; I knew it was your birthday a few days ago, I didn’t forget! But my computer collapsed and I couldn’t login here to tell you.I feel really sad because I didn’t send you a message (u u) I’m really sorry! But you’ve been in my heart since then.I hope you had a wonderful day ;w;/ I love you! ♥ 

One of the saddest moments in my fucking life…


Juri doodle i did while watching Fuzzle’s tamers stream UwU~ BEEP BEEP SUPER CUTIE ALERT
"Just give up, girl" 
Digimon Tamers music suddenly appeared on my playlist…
And I just felt so Nostalgic!Jeri - I have a super special love for that girl. And oh, I adore her songs!I don’t like Tamers that much to be honest, but oh God ;A; her songs!!
But, Impmon is my fav digimon ever : )I really liked how their stories were combined and united. It was such a sad and deep twist for digimon, don’t you think?