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Hello there! This is Mishy
And I'm an idiot (◐‿◐ )
My English is shit,
I apologize in advance.

My current fandoms are Digimon, Dangan Ronpa and Shingeki no Kyojin Nice to meet you!

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There’s plenty of people who dislike both Adventure and Tamers? Don’t go around believing they’re special or something. :S I see peple bashing Adventure everyday. Look at the fucks I give. ~/o/

I never saw them, so I’m sorry if I sounded like that. But I feel like it’s more common see people complaining about 02/Frontier/Savers/XW than about Adventure/Tamers.

Everyone who I talked before already pointed me the problems of 02 and it was rare people who I saw discussing the things Adventure got wrong. Sometimes I think it’s mostly because of the ships and the confused writing (like, putting the Adv kids as useless characters) the fans tends to refuse 02 existence.

I can understand why Daisuke (as example) gets hate, but still a bit “childish” some of them — or it’s because his crush on Hikari (involving the Takari ship) or it’s because he’s a “copy” of Taichi. But is this character really deserve to be bashed criticized like if he was an abomination and Taichi the perfect leader without any kind of bad point? I know both Daisuke’s and Taichi’s bad and good points, but sometimes both Daisuke’s & Taichi’s fans are too biased about them (I’ll not lie, I am biased about Daisuke) enough to make post to victimize them when the reality they’re strong and independent characters that teach the watchers good things — to not give up, to not abandon a friend, etc. I feel a bit upset when I see people saying Daisuke “is very hated” or makes Taichi a poor guy who had his heart broken in 02. 

I’d like to see more good and healthy critique and not bashing of any season. All of them are good, why nominate one as “best” and another as “worst”?

I think you worry too much about this stuff.

Most people who bash Adventure are also those who claim Adventure fans are too blinded by their nostalgia goggles to admit the following Digimon seasons have better plot, better animation quality, better characters, better developments, et cetera. There’s no way you can miss these posts; they are literally everywhere. Fans such as me are even called “Adventure widows”. I learnt to ignore these posts years ago, most Adventure fans today (thank goodness) seem to be old enough to have a common sense and do that much.

Of course it’s pathetic to boss people around and tell them what they should / should not like. A person who sticks to Digimon Tamers only and happens to dislike all other seasons is by no means less of a Digimon fan than you and me.

I love Taichi and Adventure, because they make my free time a little bit better by the end of the end after an exhausting day of work.

If this passion of mine somehow happens to piss off other fans online, I can only assume they are either jealous (which is pretty childish of them) or they’re completely alienated and seriously need to learn to sort our their priorities. Because, seriously… who the fuck cares about this stuff?

The cycle never ends.

"My favourite thing is better than yours!"

"waaaa *cries* that person called me names because I don’t like the stuff he likes!" *keeps crying*

This is the kind of behaviour I would expect from my five year-old cousin. The kid keep saying he won’t cry because only babies cry. Bless him.

In the end, no one has the right to claim which season is better. I mean, what are we in the end? Just… fans : )

We are all different and have different tastes. No one is better than the other.

I personally don’t care about people’s opinion when they are mean.
I avoid the digimon-hate by all means because, like Ray said; digimon makes me little free time a lot better and I enjoy it. 
If that makes me a bad “fan” I really don’t care : )  
I just want to enjoy it. The end.

And I really can’t wait for the next adventure season adkmaklfa

Digimon Adventure BD Box Donation Pool


So, there’s that Digimon Adventure Blu-Ray box. (Link goes to CDJapan.)

This went on my buy list as soon as it was announced, mainly because I missed the DVD-BOX releases way back when and felt tons of crushing regret, so I’m absolutely determined to get this to the point I’m even getting a BD player just for this. It looks pretty nice, too.

Physical discs and I don’t really get along, you know, so this means I’m obviously going to be ripping it immediately. I’ve got the willingness and preparedness to do so, so everything’s essentially ready…

…Except the 54,800 yen needed to make the purchase.

So, even though I’ve seen people do things like this before but have never done anything like it, I’m going to try doing a donation pool for it for the rips! You can donate right here (and see where we are in donations, this site is nifty)…incidentally, if you don’t want me seeing your shipping address, uncheck the “same as billing address” box and put some random thing in there, like the address to your local fast food store or something.

For shipping costs, I’ll be handling that myself, along with the BR player cost. My priority is the Adventure series (since I really want that drama CD - and yes, I’ll be ripping that too), but if I reach the goal ahead of time I’ll try moving onto the movie set!

Thank you everyone in advance for your help! I’m really looking forward to the new 2015 series and the release of the Blu-Ray sets!

please please guys give her a hand ;-;

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Randomly remembered that it’s Digimon Adventure’s 15th anniversary this year.

Sometimes I wish Matt and TK’s parents were back together.

Super broken english reply here:
As much as I agree, I have to say that I’m also glad that they didn’t.
Why? Basically because the digimon-childs were all different, all of them with their own story, their own problems, and their own families.Families that refect real life issues. 
There are a lot of kids whose parents are divorced, it’s a big deal for kids to deal with this, and most of the time, their parents are never back together again.However, they can still build their relationship and have their own kind of families, they can still manage a way to be happy, and that’s something so real nowadays that I’m really glad digimon took it as an opportunity to grow up instead of a weakness.    
And I think digimon managed that aspect very well : ) 
Ok sorry for the horrible english ~ 

look at how tall taichi is now compared to agumon!!! ;___; SON.

I love how 4chan still complains about Ken marrying Miyako…

And I’m here reading all the hate like “there there /pat pats/. Here, let me give you a candy” 


Digimon Adventure sequel to retcon ‘unpopular’ epilogue



Toei Animation has announced that the upcoming Digimon Adventure sequel will retroactively alter its previous season’s epilogue out of existence.

Digimon Adventure's second season, Zero Two (02), ended with a 25-year jump into the future where the 12 main characters were shown to be married with children and jobs.

It was the characters’ occupation choices and, in particular, the marriages between Sora Takenouchi and Yamato Ishida, and Miyako Inoue and Ken Ichijouji, that faced intense fan backlash for over a decade.

A vocal portion of the fandom have harshly criticised the epilogue since it aired in 2001, claiming that the writers must have been “smoking crack”.

The staff have all denied that they took cocaine in the studio at the time of working on the original series.

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..Might as well post assorted Digimon butts while at it;












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